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Goregrind, gorenoise, slamdeath, cybergrind, etc. are very underground genres, mainly due to their obnoxious themes and (purposely) unprofessional-sounding grooves with horrible quality. This wiki about these subjects contains multiple pages that are dedicated to certain goregrind/gorenoise bands and their discographies. Please feel free to add bands to this wiki, and be sure to enjoy your gruesome visit. (P.S., make sure that you tell as much information as possible about the band thus far on every band page!)

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Please feel free to add new information to existing band pages, as well as create new ones. The bands MUST be directly related to some sort of subgenre of goregrind/gorenoise music (examples: snuffgrind, pornogrind, slamdeath, cybergrind, pornogore, etc.). PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE ALL OF THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION ABOUT A BAND: Entire discography, a photo of the logo, band members (if they have nicknames, please, feel free to use their nicknames instead of their real names, as long as it is noted), their record label (if none, write "Independant"), split-up date (only for bands that have split-up), their website(s), and a short summary of the band in a nutshell. If you don't know all of the information listed, then just don't bother adding them until later, when you have the all of the information needed. Please do not add any bands, regardless of being metal or not, that are not pure slam & goregrind (that means no Cannibal Corpse, no Exhumed, no Devourment, no Rotten Sound, no Cattle Decapitation, etc.), but if you are still unsure about whether your band fits the qualifications, take a look at the other bands that have been added and ask yourself: "Does my band sound anything like these other bands?"

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